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"The tutor's extensive knowledge and experience of the admission requirements of the UK's leading academic schools and her ability to keep her young students motivated, focused and results-driven differentiate her from other tutors." ~London parent

"Her honest, warm and friendly demeanor-- coupled with her results-driven approach resulting in our son being successfully admitted to St Paul's Junior-- has led us to hold her in very high regard." ~SE London parent

Metal Rock's 2017-2018 Results

Metal Rocks Education Advisors had spectacular 2017-2018 results across the board at 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ entries both at competitive London day schools and elite boarding schools. These results are all the more impressive given that we don’t pre-select students based on ability.

We are seeing increasing competition at all entry levels, especially at the 7+ entry point. This year saw more than 300+ boys each sitting 7+ exams at Westminster Under and St. Paul’s Junior when typical numbers in past years were around 200 boys. Parents are increasingly taking the long view that getting in early into the top schools is the better, and less stressful, strategy.

More interestingly, there were more foreign tongues heard in the corridors of these schools during exam days and at 2nd round interviews than in years past. It was a veritable UN Convention meeting at some schools! This increasingly foreign applicant pool was another contributor to number of candidates up this year.

Metal Rocks’ 7+ and 8+ students dominated the competitive exam landscape in this December-January exam cycle. Our 7+ boys received 2 offers from Westminster Under, 2 offers from St. Paul's Boys' Junior and 1 offer from King's College Wimbledon Junior. One 7+ boy and one 8+ boy received 12 offers combined from all the top schools applied, including Westminster Under, St. Paul’s Junior, King’s College Wimbledon, The Hall School and Sussex House.

We are equally proud of our 7+ girls who were offered places at Bute House (2 girls), South Hampstead High and Highgate.

On the 11+ girls front, we had one girl receiving offers from all 6 schools applied, including the prestigious St. Paul’s Girls’ School and Henrietta Barnett, an academic grammar school where over 2,600 applicants sat for 90 places. Another 11+ girl interested in boarding received offers from London day schools and boarding schools, including the prestigious St. Mary’s Ascot.

We had two boys with 11+ offers from St. Paul's Junior and Latymer Upper. Our 13+ boys received Conditional Offers from Westminster School, St. Paul’s School, King's College Wimbledon, Eton, Harrow, City of London School and Wetherby Senior School. One 13+ boy was elected King’s Scholar at Eton, achieving highest marks (A*) in 8 subjects. Last but not least, we had one girl from St. Paul's Girls' School admitted to Westminster School for Sixth Form.

Our students worked incredibly hard to achieve spectacular, consistent results (please see table below). More importantly, their parents played a critical role in supporting them at home with the guidance, support and structure provided by Metal Rocks. This was key.

What we are most proud of, however, is the lasting confidence and skills acquired by these young people throughout the preparation process: they have emerged mentally with more grit; intellectually more curious; emotionally more resilient; and physically with more stamina to handle a heavier workload than ever before.

In effect, they have gained more than entry to the top schools in the country.

Notable 2017-2018 highlights:

  • One Year 8 boy was elected King's Scholar at Eton College.

  • One 16+ girls was admitted to Westminster School's Sixth Form.

  • Our 11+ boys received offers from St. Paul's Junior and Latymer Upper.

  • Our 13+ boys received offers from Westminster School, St. Paul's Boys' School, King's College Wimbledon, Eton College, Harrow School and City of London School.

  • An 11+ girl competed against 2,600 candidates for 90 places at Henrietta Barnett School, an extremely competitive and academic grammar school in Hampstead. She was one of the top 300 scorers in the 1st round to reach the 2nd round written papers; subsequently, she scored in the top 90 out of 300 girls to gain a place. She also received offers from all the schools applied, including St. Paul’s Girls’ School and North London Collegiate School. These two schools consistently ranked top 5 independent schools in the UK.

  • An 8+ boy applied to 7 extremely competitive London boys’ schools and received offers from all of them: Westminster Under, St. Paul’s Junior, King’s College Wimbledon, Sussex House, The Hall, Wetherby Prep and Westminster Cathedral Choir. Highlights include ranking 1st in the St. Paul’s Junior’s Maths paper with a score of 97%; ranking 3rd in overall scores out of 189 boys who sat at Wetherby Prep; and wining a Music Scholarship (25%), which is unusual at 8+, at Sussex House.

  • A 7+ boy received offers from all 5 competitive London boys’ schools applied: Westminster Under, St. Paul’s Junior, King’s College Wimbledon, Milbourne Lodge and Shrewsbury House.

  • Two 7+ girls received offers from Bute House.

  • Two students, one boy in Year 5 and one girl in Year 6, received Form Prizes for the first time based on end-of-term test results. A Year 5 boy was uniquely asked to teach a Maths class for his year and the Year 6 above due to the striking and noticeable change in his work attitude and demonstrated competencies. He moved from the middle of the top Maths set to #1 in the top set by far.